Part of “Growing Disciples of Jesus in Faith, Hope and Love” is worshiping Jesus Christ our Lord! 
Worship connects us to God and each other and equips us to go out and share Christ’s love.




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Traditional Worship  9:00am 
Our 9:00am service meets in the Family Life Center is traditional in style, and a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Traditional Worship  11:00am 
Our 11:00am service meets in the church sanctuary and is very similar to the 9:00am service with a bit more of a “high church” feel.

Pastor Lucas Nelson typically preaches all  services.  He strives to preach messages that are scripturally based and relevant for Christians today.  


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Our Sunday School Classes will meet at different times during the summer. 




Kelly Boyd-Children and Youth Classes-

Kelly Perry-Adult Classes-




Jesus Town Sunday School Class (5th-6th grade)
A mission designed to aid Chatham County law enforcement in comforting Individuals or victims of abuse, crime, or tragedy who are displaced from their homes. 
Overview  Members of our Sunday School class have had parents in, know people in, or work closely with people in law enforcement.  Thru them we learned about the burden that officers have in helping to comfort and provide aid to people who find themselves displaced from their homes.  There may be a disaster, or dispute and the person has to leave their home with no belongings.   It can happen to people of all ages.  
Goals  Fill knapsacks with items that can help meet basic needs of people who are in need when our law enforcement officers encounter them. This mission helps both those in need as well as our officers who are in touch with these people.We actively pray for the officers and their families as well as those that they serve in the every day.

Contents of the knapsacks:

  1. A gallon ziploc container with basic hygiene necessities including toothpaste, tooth brush, shampoo, soap, antiperspirant, lotion, chapstick etc.

  2. Blanket ( fleece, lightweight ,of appropriate size and color for age of person bag is intended for).  We encourage other groups who make blankets for missions to donate for this cause.  We hope to have these blankets blessed by our minister. 

  3. For children, we include a soft, plush toy. ( Pillow Pets are a good option because they can serve two purposes)

  4. Umbrellas and rain ponchos 

  5. Items to provide entertainment:  Playing cards and word search books for teens or men, journals and adult coloring books for teens or women.  Children chalk boards with colored chalk, coloring books, etc for small kids. (Imagine if you or your child was in this situation and what they would enjoy…)

  6. Healthy snack options- bottled water, granola bars, packs of crackers, healthy juice, etc

  7. Washcloths and hand towels

  8. Socks in men, women and children sizes

  9. Novels, devotionals, children's books.

  10. Other gifts that the Lord might impress on you to give for this mission!

  11. Our class will make cards and incorporate the Numbers 6:24-26 in them.  As they draw and work on them, they pray for those that will be involved with or receiving the bags.  These are placed in the bags.  

Thank you for your interest in this mission.  We are thankful for any help via donations of items or money to purchase items.  


Nursery "JAM"  Jesus and Me

Will be offered to children Birth-3 years of age. Safety for your children is our #1 priority, and as the demographics of children in the nursery changes we will continue to ensure this is the best option. 

Sunday School is held during both services each Sunday for our PreK 4yo - 1st graders. 



Rodney Oldham is our incredibly talented music director who plays organ and piano, and leads our choir.  The choir rehearses on Thursday evening at 7:00pm and sings in worship on Sunday morning. The choir is always excited to welcome new members. Contact Rodney at to get involved.

Chancel Ringers
Handbell Choir performs at different times throughout the year.  
To participate in our handbell choir please contact Rodney Oldham at